Mobile development headaches

Android is great, I think it is a great mobile OS. However, the grievance of developing for it, I have my share of pain. The author complained about Gradle, the build system Google adopted for android, and it can be such a huge annoyance. I have heard people’s project waiting for 4-5 minutes for Gradle to compile.  Every time you change something, it does a full Gradle build. However, this was still an upgrade over what existed before.

I have already written about my annoyance of outdated documentations and poorly documented API’s. Another issue that pops up is during emulator testing. Incompatibility with outdated Google Play Service with the emulator makes it so testing older API versions a pain.  It makes testing apps that need to use the Google Play Service much more difficult.

The author says he’s quitting Android Development, it is not all bad. However, the cons of the Android that IOS seems to have no trouble with, it also has its many pros. The author seems to be more frustrated at Google’s nonchalance at the issues developer face with Android. Apple, being the closed system it is, have its own set of issues. Maybe we should all just switch to Windows Mobile as a protest. (That’ll be the day)


One developers good bye to Android:

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